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What is saffron?
Saffron is one of the few things that truly is worth its weight in gold. This product of the crocus flower adds not only pungent and aromatic flavor to foods, but also a beautiful golden color. It is native to Asia Minor, where it has been cultivated for thousands of years to be used in medicines, perfumes, dyes, and as a wonderful flavoring for foods and beverages.

What are the uses of saffron?
Saffron has been used as spice and coloring agent for many centuries and has numerous medicinal properties. It is by far one of the oldest herbs ever used for medicinal purposes in the history of mankind and up to this date it is being used in some regions of the world such as Afghanistan, India, United Arab Emirates, United States, Spain, Italy...etc.
It has been written that around 600 B.C. Phoenicians were looking for a mysterious plant in Herat, the ancient Capital of Khorasan one whose flower had silky stigmas with a pungent aroma. The stigmas were thought to cure many illnesses and also had the capability of making strong dye. Europeans are believed to be among the first to use saffron as a spice in their cooking. Saffron is also used in many other industries such as the tobacco industry, alcohol industry, dairy industry, cosmetic industry for perfumes and facial creams, and the dye industry. Cleopatra used it to give her skin a golden color and romantic aroma. Saffron is also used in religious ceremonies. Tibetan Monks use saffron for prayer and blessing. Calligraphers have used saffron to write religious books such as the holy Qoran.

What is pure saffron?
Since saffron is the world's most expensive spice, throughout history, dishonest dealers would adulterate their saffron by adding similar looking materials or by dyeing the yellow strands red, which is the sign of good quality saffron. Pure saffron contains only the stigma of the Crocus flower with nothing else added.
What is potent saffron?
Saffron's potency comes from the red portion of the saffron strands (the Crocus stigma) and not the yellow portions that you find in lower grade saffron. Saffron can be pure, with nothing else added, but not potent. Saffron composed mostly of the yellow portions of the stigma is less potent than the same amount of saffron composed entirely of the red portions of the Crocus stigma.
What is the best way to store saffron?
Saffron should be store in an airtight container and kept away from bright light and moisture. Bright light such as sunlight will bleach the color of the saffron. That is why when the Crocus flower blooms; the flower has to be picked at dawn before the sun shines on it.
How long can saffron be stored?
Saffron can be stored for several years and will retain its potency if stored properly. (See above)
Where can I get more information about saffron?
For more helpful and interesting information on saffron, visit any of the following links:

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Do you accept returns?
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