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Afghan Saffron has had its own saffron growing agricultural facilities in Herat province. In 2010, in order to improve the whole production process, it has made a major investment in obtaining the best strains and in mechanising the whole production process. The main objective of these improvements is to maximise the characteristic quality of Herat saffron, from planting and gathering bulbs to the harvesting, peeling, weeding, soil loosing and drying processes.

In 2010, for the first time in Herat, a saffron crop commenced ecological production. Afghan Saffron now has a sole ecological saffron plantation.Its own saffron fields are located in different districts in the province of Herat, where the best Ansar saffron has traditionally been produced. The crop period is the moment of the greatest activity for the personnel at Afghan Saffron, whose effort is compensated by obtaining a maximum quality saffron production.

Once the growing and harvesting process has concluded, the saffron is transported to the headquarters in Herat. The laboratory the firm has on those premises certifies that the product fulfils the international quality standards, authorising packaging and commercialisation of the saffron.

Afghan Saffron is the largest producer of saffron in Afghanistan and has several large saffron farmlands that produce Genuine Gardens Afghan Pure Saffron®.Since saffron needs much labor in plantation, maintenance and harvesting, Afghan Saffron has changed the whole production to mechanization method, therefore quality and innovation have been the main objectives of the firm.

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